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Silo Racking System

Also known as “the clad system”, the silo racking warehouses can be created with every kind of warehouse racking system. It’s a more efficient and economical warehouse option especially if you have a high warehouse.

Silo racking warehouses can be installed without any construction costs. There is only a need of the ground beton. All the rest parts will be finished by the rack system. With this system you can organize the needed racks for your warehouse and also the columns for the celling. Because of the easy installation and less parts its fast and a economical solution.

The used frames for the rack system can also be used like columns. Because of this advantage you can use the complete area for the warehouse without losing space for columns.

Since the racks can be produced at the desired height, silo racking warehouse system makes the best use of space, and eliminates space lost. Today, silo racking warehouse systems up to 40 meters can be produced.

Silo racking warehouse systems enables the stacking and storage of all kind products according to any storage method under required conditions.

Thanks to its disassembled structure, the transfer of the warehouse to another location or extending/contracting of the warehouse on the present location provides for advantages compared to other building structures.

Silo racking warehouse systems which enable maximum storage on minimum space, are a much more economical investment. Shorter period of construction results in quick operation of the warehouse.

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