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Automatic Level Drive-In/Drive-Trough

Known as Drive-in Automation, it is a more developed and much more efficient automatic storage system thanks to its speed. Maximum storage in minimum are is provided by loading products at the depth of the platforms.

This is a system which allows for stocking different products in different lines, decreases the movement time of the products stacked in the same line, and which can make delicate loading and unloading. Thanks to an electrical mover which is called shuttle, products on the pallets can easily be loaded and unloaded to/from rack canals.

The shuttle is left on the canals for loading and unloading with the help of the forklift. The shuttle is controlled by a remote controller which can control all kinds of movements. The shuttle moves on the rails according to the loading and unloading command received from the remote controller.

The shuttle system warehouses provide for a static structure for the earthquake zones, and are especially suitable for cold and freezer warehouses. ÜÇGE Autopal/Shuttle of which speed with and without load is respectively 60m/min. and 45 m/min., decreases the working time in cold warehouses and increases the easy use of the warehouse.

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