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AS/RS Pallet

AS/RS Pallet automation is the combination of hardware and control systems including delicate, accurate and quick retrieval, storage and transfer of the pallets.

Stacker – Cranes are preferred in high racking pallet systems in which in and out speeds are high. The goods can be loaded up to 40 meters.

The goods can be accessed with ease. There is no need for an operator in the loading area. The speed is around 150 m/min.

The design of the warehouse and the speed of the stacker crane can rapidly be adapted according to the weight capacity and circle time of the pallets needed in the stock area. The entire warehouse is operated through a warehouse management system. The stackers perform loading and unloading of the products with parallel movements in line with the commands received from the warehouse management system. Increasing efficiency, this practice also saves energy.

The stackers safely move on x direction with help of the top and ground rails with the help of the profile placed on the aisles.


Max. Weight : 1000-2000 kg

Lifting speed : 30-50 m/min

Moving speed : 130-200 m/min

Acceleration : 0,5-1 m/s2

Telescopic fork speed : 30-50 m/min

Telescopic fork Max. elongation : 1000-3000+25 mm

1- Column

2- Lift

3- Car

4- Control Panel

5- Telescopic Fork

6- Lift motor

7- Moving motor

8- Maintenance Platform

9- Lift motor Platform

10- Control Panel Platform

11- Lift Platform

12- Maintenance Stair

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