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It is the combination of hardware and control systems including delicate, accurate and quick retrieval, storage and transfer of some products composed of various parts placed in boxes, packages or parcels.

Stacker–Cranes are preferred in high racking warehouse systems which are used for boxes, packages or parcels, and where loading and unloading is very fast. The goods can be loaded up to 40 meters. The access capability is high, and there is no need for an operator in the loading area. It speeds of the cranes can be as high as 300m/min.

This system, which operates in line with the principle of moving products from the warehouse to the operator in stock areas with boxes, moves the box from/to which products shall be unloaded/added in front of the operator. Then it moves the boxes to their previous locations by implementing the operation in the reverse order. The system provides full automation, permanent stock control, and easy access to the boxes. It also saves time and space.

Placing the boxes on the shelves and retrieving them, the stacker crane also transfers the boxes to the interim operation station pursuant to the commands received from the warehouse management system. The racking system, which perfectly accords with the movements of the stacker crane, is produced to get the best use.

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