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Special automatic storage systems for industrial automation

ÜÇGE DRS makes special automatic storage systems which save up to 90\% in floor space in automated industrial warehouse processes.
Production Plant

Kestel DRS FabrikaKESTEL DRS

A dynamic, environmentally friendly production plant with a covered area of 10 thousand square meters at Kestel Junction, on the 12th kilometer of Bursa-Ankara highway. It is a modern production plant which can process 50 tons of steel-metal sheet-profile a day with high capacity roll-form lines, electrostatic powder paint units of proven quality, robotic welding machines and fully automatic laser machines having the ability to process the desired shapes with a thickness up to 25 mm in electronic environment.

MKP FabrikaMustafakemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone

It is our newest production plant which was constructed on our land of about 50.000 thousand square meters in Mustafakemalpaşa Industrial Zone with fully steel components, and which has a covered area of 10 thousand square meters. Our fifth factory is a plant which makes standard production solely for ÜÇGE DRS, and draw attention with high-tech lines.

Bursa OSB FabrikaBursa Chamber of Trade and Industry – Organized Industrial Zone

It is the biggest integrated plant of Europe in the first organized industrial zone of Turkey. Preferring computer-controlled production in all lines, this plant has the capacity to process 400 tons of flat steel a day. Having been made all kinds of investments for advanced technology, our factory with a covered area of 40 thousand square meters can also process wire, wood, plexi and glass. The design and production of the most important power-free powder paints of Turkey belong to engineers of ÜÇGE.

Kestel EU FabrikaKESTEL EU

It is a fully logistics center working with the principle “immediate delivery after order”. The product range involves incredibly different concepts. It will be possible to find whatever you need for the retail sector in this area, which hosted our wood production plants previously. It is a candidate for being the new captain of the retail sector.

Kestel TGM FabrikaKESTEL Technology Development Center

Our first factory started to provide service as a machine production center after it was reorganized, and its technological structures were changed from head to foot. Thanks to our youngest company which offers service with the name of Technology Development Center (TGM), very special production line designs are produced. Our projects supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) will shape our industry today and in the future.

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