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Special automatic storage systems for industrial automation

ÜÇGE DRS makes special automatic storage systems which save up to 90\% in floor space in automated industrial warehouse processes.
Introduction(What we offer)

ÜÇGE DRS which provides service with the understanding of Innovative Warehouse Solutions produces specially designed warehouse racks for the retail and industry sector. Established for more effective good and service production moving from the principle “faster, stronger, to the higher”, ÜÇGE DRS is a member of ÜÇGE Group which equips one of the most enjoyable things in life, namely shopping, and shopping centers.

The annual production capacity of our company is 1.371.000 kg in traverse production, 457.000 kg in cantilever production and 11.664.000 kg in Highrack Leg production.

ÜÇGE DRS is organized in such a manner that it can reach every point in Turkey the very same day thanks to its experienced sales engineers and18 Regional Offices.

Basic philosophy of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction through economic and on time production of high quality. Furthermore our internationally accepted products in terms of cost-benefit balance are used by enterprises in 67 countries of the world. Furthermore our internationally accepted products are used by enterprises in 67 countries of the world. Exporting 40\% of its production, ÜÇGE Family is the pride of Turkey thanks to its high-tech production lines meeting the increasing needs of the market.

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