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Special automatic storage systems for industrial automation

ÜÇGE DRS makes special automatic storage systems which save up to 90\% in floor space in automated industrial warehouse processes.
Increased Efficiency

As ÜÇGE DRS, we analyze the changing needs properly, and produce innovative storage solutions. Our basic philosophy is to increase efficiency in the light of providing maximum storage in minimum area.

Efficiency is the basis of sustainable and continuous success.

Analyzing the storage needs of our customers properly and producing the most suitable and efficient solutions, ÜÇGE DRS is organized in such a manner that it can reach every point in Turkey the very same day thanks to its experienced sales engineers and 16 Regional Offices. The company provides project and consultancy services to its customers 7 days 24 hours moving from its principle “faster, stronger, to the higher”. Furthermore our internationally accepted products are used by enterprises in 67 countries of the world. Exporting 40\% of its production, ÜÇGE Family is the pride of Turkey thanks to its high-tech production lines meeting the increasing needs of the market.

The most important key of efficiency in logistics sector is Automatic Storage and Warehouse Rack Systems. Our company makes difference with innovative solutions in this regard.

Making its storage activities more efficient by providing new warehouse rack systems and practical tailored-made solutions, ÜÇGE DRS continues to shape the sector.

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