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Special automatic storage systems for industrial automation

ÜÇGE DRS makes special automatic storage systems which save up to 90\% in floor space in automated industrial warehouse processes.
Environmental Responsibility

Undertaking to have an environmentally-friendly approach in all our activities is one of the most important items of our quality policy. Moving from this undertaking, we detect and bring under control all kinds of situations which may damage environment at every stage of our production and service activities.

A collection and control system has been built for the hazardous wastes coming out during production processes. These wastes are disposed of in line with the legal procedures in order to prevent damage to the environment.

When the expired batteries, in other words “waste batteries” are not collected separately, the metals they contain get into soil and damage the environment. Actually batteries are recyclable consumable goods. The recycled batteries are used as the raw material of various products such as forks, knifes, watches, mobile phones, pencils etc.

The expired,

1- AAA batteries,
2- AA batteries,
3- C batteries,
4- D batteries,
5- 9V batteries,
6- Round flat batteries,
7- Mobile phone and computer batteries,
8- The batteries of rechargeable,

are collected in Waste Battery Collection Boxes in different points of ÜÇGE companies, and they are prevented from damaging the environment.

The leading company of store equipment and warehouse rack systems sector, ÜÇGE crowns its success with a socially sensitive approach. Preferring environmentally-friendly systems at production processes, the company carries out its responsibilities in this regard. The company supports the greening activities in Bursa, and exerts effort for surviving green Bursa with one thousand stone pine saplings distributed to its employees.

Üçge distributed 3000 stone pines saplings to the visitors at the 2012 organization of “Local Chains Meet”, which is one of the most important events of the retail sector and held in İstanbul every year.

Üçge raises environmental and nature awareness by giving stone pine saplings to its guests in all events organized in ÜÇGE.

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